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Help & Hints:

You remember the name of a case but not its number?  Start typing the name and instantly receive some suggestions
(insofar as case names are not language neutral, please use French terminology):
What does «with links» mean?  Choosing that option will get you a document with hyperlinks on its references to earlier
ECJ case-law. Such links are on both the case numbers or names and the paragraphs of the case-law cited. Please remember
that this only works for ECJ judgments, orders and avis up to August 2005. If a document is more recent, the server will
try to find it for you on Eurlex. Since cases on Eurlex have nowadays their own links, updating the local collection has
become unnecessary.

The option «subsq. dec.» permits to obtain a subsequent decision that was taken under the same case number, such as
a final judgment after an interlocutory judgment or a judgment after annulment on appeal of the initial judgement and
referral back to the lower court (RENV).
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